10,000 Speak Out Against Queensland Feedlot Expansion

Australians don’t want to see cows languishing in crowded, filthy enclosures, only to be slaughtered for beef: that’s the message nearly 10,000 PETA supporters sent to Maranoa Regional Council when we submitted our petition opposing plans for a proposed feedlot expansion in Warkon, near Roma, Queensland.

If approved, this operation would imprison up to 3,200 cows at any one time, all of them spending the final months of their lives in small faeces-filled yards to be fattened before slaughter.

Such filthy, crowded conditions are terrible for animals and create massive pollution problems for nearby communities, promoting the spread of disease. Cows in feedlots are often diagnosed with footrot, botulism, respiratory disease, and liver abscesses.

In addition to violating the rights of cows, the proposal has sparked grave environmental concerns for the nearby Yuleba State Forest and Balonne River. The addition of 3,200 bovines to the area would mean a huge increase in waste for the local environment, not to mention the awful odour of all those mounting faeces.

Cows are curious, playful animals who love to frolic in grass, not “products” to be fattened in muddy pens for profit.

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