Nearly 7,000 Object to Victoria Kangaroo Processing Facility

After Loddon Shire Council received a development application to turn an abandoned abattoir into a facility that skins kangaroos and butchers them for pet food, PETA launched a petition urging the council to block the plans.

The petition has garnered almost 7,000 signatures from Loddon Shire Council residents and other compassionate people who have expressed concerns that this facility would encourage the growth of the disgraceful kangaroo-hunting industry, driving yet another Australian animal to extinction.

In Australia, millions of kangaroos are hunted and killed every year. The national Code of Practice for kangaroo hunters requires a lethal shot to the head, but up to 40% of commercially shot animals are hit in the neck or elsewhere on the body instead, causing prolonged and intense suffering.

The Code of Practice also requires hunters to shoot “at-foot joeys” and decapitate or “crush the skull and destroy the brain” of pouch young, meaning that most joeys’ heads are swung and smashed against hunting vehicles to kill them. Many dependent young kangaroos are left in the field, where they’re at risk of exposure, starvation, and predation.

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