8,000 PETA Supporters Speak Out Against Staffy Puppy Farm

Plans have been submitted to Cardinia Shire Council for the expansion of a dog-breeding facility in Bunyip, Victoria. The applicant wants to use up to 30 female Staffordshire bull terriers for breeding, forcing them to have litter after litter of puppies, only for their beloved babies to be taken away within a few weeks to be sold to ignorant buyers.

More than 8,000 PETA supporters have signed a petition calling for the council to object this horrific proposal.

The planning application is now closed to submissions.

Puppy farms like this contribute to the homeless-animal crisis. Every puppy bred and sold by such facilities takes away a chance at a loving home for a dog in a shelter. What makes this application especially unacceptable is that Staffies are the breed who are most commonly abandoned and found at shelters – the last thing we should be doing is breeding more of them. 

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