We Did It: Puppy Farm Plans Rejected!

Posted on by Dan H

Puppy farmers have been put on notice after Cardinia Shire Council voted unanimously to block an application for a Staffordshire bull terrier–breeding facility.

The council rejected the proposal, which included plans to breed 30 female dogs, based on “huge community outrage” over animal welfare concerns that was “too hard to ignore” – including a PETA petition with more than 8,000 signatures.

Image shows dog rolling on grass with a stick.

We’re jumping with joy at this life-saving decision – and that’s no exaggeration! Puppy farms contribute to the homeless-animal crisis. A staggering 400,000 abandoned animals enter shelters and council pounds across Australia every year. The unending flood of homeless animals leaves open-admission shelters with no option but to euthanise animals in order to be able to continue accepting new cats and dogs who are surrendered by their guardians or picked up from the streets.

Every puppy bred and sold by puppy farmers takes away a chance at a loving home from a dog in a shelter. And what made this application even worse is that Staffies are by far the breed most commonly abandoned at and found in shelters. The last thing we should be doing is breeding more of them.

Thankfully, this facility will never see the light of day, but the fight against puppy farming is far from over. If you’re looking to bring an animal companion into your family, please make sure that you’re ready for the lifelong commitment involved and that you always adopt from a rescue group or shelter. Puppy farmers will continue to make a living by abusing animals if people keep buying from them – it’s simple supply and demand.

We’re objecting to animal-abusing facilities wherever we see them. Join our action team by clicking the button below and help us secure more victories for animals: