VICTORY for Dogs! Sunshine Coast Puppy Farm Plans Rejected

Posted on by PETA Australia

Great news for “man’s best friend”! Sunshine Coast Council has voted to reject a development application to establish a puppy farm in Landsborough on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

More than 23,000 PETA supporters objected to the proposal, and thousands of other submissions poured in from Oscar’s Law and Animal Liberation Queensland.


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This decision has been more than a year in the making, and we’re thankful to the Sunshine Coast councillors – eight out of nine of whom voted to refuse the application – for taking the concerns of their community seriously.

The application would have seen up to 60 breeding dogs forced to pump out litter after litter, only for their babies to be taken away and sold for profit.

Just last year, the breeder, Diamond Valley Kennels – which wanted to expand its operations – was accused of selling puppies with painful genetic conditions, including luxating patella and hip dysplasia.

Puppy farms contribute to the homeless-animal crisis. Every puppy bred and sold by such a facility takes away a chance at a loving home for a dog in a shelter. Approximately 200,000 dogs enter Australia’s shelters and pounds every year, and around 44,000 of them are euthanised. There are – and will continue to be – far more dogs in need of homes than there are homes for them, so breeding more is not only irresponsible but also deadly.

We will continue to object to these proposed developments as soon as we hear about them. Join our activist network to stay informed about ways you can help us protest the next one.

It’s more important now than ever to stay away from pet stores and breeders – no matter how reputable they may seem – and only ever adopt from a rescue group or shelter.

Stay Informed: Get Active!