The Results Are In: Vegan Women Get More “Likes”

A new study has confirmed that compassion is one of the most attractive qualities women can have.

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day 2021, a week-long PETA experiment pitted two nearly identical profiles against each other on the dating app Hinge. The only difference? One account clearly belonged to a vegan  – the other to a meat-eater.

PETA's vegan profile got over 5 times as many likes on Hinge!

In one profile, 23-year-old “Valentina” wore a shirt with the slogan “Death Before Dairy” emblazoned across the chest, and in the other, the same shirt said “I [heart] Bacon” instead. Additional photos showed Valentina on the beach, showing off her “vegan” tattoo versus a “bacon” tattoo. The profiles used identical prompts, answering “My simple pleasures” with “Nature, spontaneous adventures and vegan food” versus “Nature, spontaneous adventures and bacon” and answering “What I order for the table” with “A vegan burger with fries!” versus “Anything with bacon in it!”

The study seems to confirm that men are more drawn to vegan women, as the vegan profile received over five times more likes than that of the bacon lover.

PETA's vegan profile got over 5 times more likes on Hinge!

A similar experiment conducted on Tinder by PETA in 2017 proved that the same is true when women are the ones doing the swiping. The results back then showed that vegan men got double the number of matches than their carnivorous counterparts. And not just in Australia. When PETA UK and PETA US ran the same studies, the vegan profiles were also more popular, receiving approximately 50% more likes.

For singletons looking to meet Mr or Ms Right, the evidence is clear: your chances are greatly improved by ditching meat, eggs, and dairy.

And when you consider the reasons why people go vegan – from showing kindness to animals, preventing the next pandemic, helping biodiversity, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions and blood cholesterol levels – it’s easy to see why! Kindness and empathy are the hottest traits a person can have.

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