It’s Official: Vegan Men Get More Tinder Matches

Posted on by PETA Australia

You don’t have to change to find love, but changing what you eat might help.

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, a week-long PETA experiment pitted two nearly identical Tinder profiles against each other. The only difference between the two? One account clearly belonged to a vegan – the other to a meat-eater.

In one profile, 29-year-old “Peter” wore a shirt with the word “Vegan” splashed across his chest. In the other, the same person wore the same type of shirt – but emblazoned with the word “Bacon”.

In other photos, animal-loving Peter enjoyed a day at the beach with his dog, as Peter the flesh-eater posed with a fishing rod.

The last photos on the profiles showed Peter the vegan buying fruit at the supermarket, as bacon-loving Peter smiled with a package of meat.

The “bio” for both profiles was identical, aside from three words: “bacon is life” as opposed to “vegan for life”.

So, what were the results? Clearly, the ladies didn’t want Peter “bacon their heart”, as they swiped right to compassion instead.


The vegan profile had double the amount of matches – proof that vegan men are hotter.

If you’re a straight vegan bachelor, consider yourself hot property: 80 per cent of Aussie vegans are women, and many are on the lookout for a partner who’ll care about animals as much as he cares about them.

And there’s a bonus side effect of dating a vegan man: they last longer in the bedroom.

To any bacon-loving beefcakes reading this and looking for love: there are plenty more fish in the sea if you go vegan.