‘Bluey’ Receives Bug Bestie Award!

Posted on by PETA Australia

Bluey and its creator, Joe Brumm, are being honoured with a Bug Bestie Award for teaching kids everywhere to have empathy for insects. In the recently released episode “Slide”, Bingo and Lila show themselves to be defenders of these little individuals – who, just like us, don’t want to be squished .

As any parent of young kids knows, Bluey is extremely popular, and both kids and parents can take away great lessons from the show. In “Slide”, Bingo and her friend Lila want to enjoy the waterslide in the backyard. However, small bugs, including a ladybird and the Queensland-native leaf insects and Christmas beetles, keep finding their way onto the waterslide where the girls are playing. Eventually, the two decide to take turns being a “bug inspector”, who makes sure the coast is clear so that the other can enjoy sliding down without hurting anyone. Lila even shares that her mom told her that bugs “have a mommy and daddy who would miss them”.

PETA Kids, a programme by PETA US, is recognising Bluey for highlighting that even the smallest souls are individuals who deserve respect. Every ant, ladybird, beetle, caterpillar, or any other insect is someone, not something, and we should always treat them with kindness. Bravo, Bluey!

We can all teach kids to show insects compassion, just as Bingo and Lila did! If your family notices one in your home, demonstrate how to gently relocate them back outside using a cup and a piece of paper. Be an example of kindness by never stamping on them or capturing them roughly and by encouraging your kids to be a “bug bestie”, including when they’re around their friends and classmates. We can appreciate animals by admiring them from afar and allowing them to enjoy their lives with their family and friends.