‘Survival at Stake’ Is Available for Preorder NOW

Posted on by PETA Australia

Survival at Stake: How Our Treatment of Animals Is Key to Human Existence by Senior Vice President of International Affairs for PETA Foundation UK Poorva Joshipura is available for preorder. In the book, which contains a foreword by actor and United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza, Joshipura describes how key crises affecting us today – including pandemics, epidemics, antibiotic resistance, climate change, and pollution – are directly linked to our treatment of animals and what each of us can do to change these worrying trends. Order your copy today, and be sure to share it with a friend!

With science now recognizing animal consciousness, intelligence, emotion, and even morality, there must come an awareness of our own moral responsibilities towards other beings. But there’s another reason to consider animals’ well-being: it’s intertwined with our own.

In Survival at Stake, Joshipura argues passionately that humans are far more like other animals evolutionarily than many care to believe. She examines how hunting wildlife leads to pandemics and epidemics that then harm us, how the production of meat destroys forests and causes climate change that destroys the planet, how blood sports hurt both humans and animals, how leather production damages the environment and human health, how animal experimentation is often a threat to public health, how cruelty to animals leads to violent crimes towards humans, and other issues.

It’s Joshipura’s view that if we reject speciesism – the belief in human superiority – and accept that we are also animals, irrevocably interconnected to other species, from the largest elephant to the smallest bee, and a part of nature, rather than holding dominance over it, we can take the necessary steps towards the betterment of all the planet’s inhabitants.

Reviews include the following:

“Compassion is good economics, good science, even the best weapon against climate change. ‘Survival at Stake’ shows us there is hope for humans if we can learn to treat other species with respect and understanding.”
Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, member, Indian Parliament

“Whatever you think you know about the instant world emergency, you don’t, not the half of it, until you read between the covers of this book. At one and the same time, its global reach, combined with its terrifying detail, astonishes, informs, and shocks. As humans, we have no right bestowed by any secular or spiritual authority to treat our planet and all life upon it as if it were our property to be exploited as we wish. We are not owners, nor superiors, but custodians with duties of care and respect. By the time you finish reading, you will not be able to sit still any longer. Silence and inaction are not options where survival is at stake.”
Michael Mansfield, barrister, British King’s Counsel

“Animal and human well-being are intertwined, and Poorva makes that crystal clear. She convinces us that we simply cannot afford to continue to turn a blind eye to animals’ suffering, and the repercussions this is having on the world we share with them. Be kind and think where your food is coming from – anything that involves blood, tears, and suffering is not meant to be on our plate.”
Mimi Chakraborty, actor and member, Indian Parliament

“‘Survival at Stake’ may be the most fascinating and troubling book you will ever read. Tracing the path that brought us HIV, COVID-19, and other killers, it shows exactly how to protect against future threats. More than a wake-up call, it is an alarm bell for environmental and health risks, along with a well-mapped escape route. The real gift of this book is its optimism. It shows how the steps that protect our health and those that protect our planet and the animals with whom we share it are one and the same.”
Dr Neal D. Barnard, president, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, DC

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