It’s 2014! Make (and Keep) Animal-Friendly Resolutions!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

cute rabbitThe Christmas dinner has been eaten, and the party hats have been packed away. Now it’s time to act on your new year’s resolution to help animals. It’s easy to stick to your plans when you know that you’re making a real difference.

You probably know already that adopting a vegan lifestyle is the single most significant direct action that you can take to help animals. Unsure of how to get started? How about observing Meatless Mondays? Or committing not to eat animals for one month? Pledge to visit a different vegetarian/vegan restaurant every week until you have visited all the ones in your area.

Another easy step is to take that extra moment to make sure that you’re buying products that have not been tested on animals. Next, clean out your closets and get rid of all the animal skins inside, including leatherwool and silk.

Last year, PETA Asia investigations exposed shocking cruelty in the angora trade and the misery of civets who are used for kopi luwak coffee. It’s safe to say that animal-welfare issues should concern every Australian.

With vegans living longer, healthier lives on average than their meat-eating counterparts, this new year could be the beginning of the rest of a longer and cruelty-free life!

Posted by Claire Fryer