Vegan Steel-Capped Boots for Work

Whether you’re a tradie, a chef, or working in the mines, many jobs require steel-capped boots and other safety features. One thing that’s never required to get the job done is cruelly produced animal leather.

More than 1 billion animals are killed worldwide for the leather industry every year, including adult cows and calves, kangaroos, horses, lambs, goats, and pigs – and even dogs and cats. Investigations of the global skins trade have revealed that the animals endure horrific abuse and many are even skinned alive.

Thankfully, it’s easy to keep your feet safe and still be kind to animals. Here are some of the best options for Aussie workers:

  1. Magnum Precision Max SZ CT WPI

    Sizes 40–48
    Buy online, or pick up at work-wear shops like Rays.
    Steel-toe and waterproof upper, suitable for worksites

  1. Ethical Wares

    Sizes 37–48
    Slim to average fit
    Steel-capped with oil- and acid-resistant soles

  1. NAE ‘B-Gun’ Vegan Steel-Capped Combat Boot

    Sizes 37–46
    Runs slightly large
    Steel-capped but not suitable for worksites

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  1. Volley Safety Canvas

    Available at Big W
    Sizes 37–48
    Average fit
    Only suitable when shoes don’t need to cover ankle

  2. KingGee Nicholls Work Sport Shoe

    Available in-store at Big W
    Sneaker cut

Ready to give leather the boot from your wardrobe? Pledge not to use the cruelly produced material:

Take the Leather Free Plege!

Is there a boot you think should be included in this list? Please email [email protected] and let us know.