PETA Sends Birthday Boots to Barnaby Joyce

Posted on by PETA Australia

Just ahead of the 50th birthday of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce, PETA has sent him a gift: a pair of vegan leather boots.

Barnaby Joyce boots from PETA

We hope the footwear – similar in style to his favourite RM Williams leather boots – will inspire him to bury the hatchet with PETA and commit to maintaining a cruelty-free wardrobe.

The stylish boots were selected from the wide variety at Vegan Style, the popular online store with a busy brick-and-mortar location on Melbourne’s Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

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And here’s what we wrote in his birthday card:

Dear Minister,

In the lead-up to your 50th birthday, we thought you might be reflecting on the important things in life, and there’s nothing more important than how we treat others. That’s why we’ve selected a gift that’s sure to warm your heart as well as your feet. Your new boots – handpicked from Melbourne’s Vegan Style to suit your taste – are made from cruelty-free microfiber instead of skin from the backs of baby cows or kangaroos. It’s true we might have gotten off on the wrong foot in the past, but with any luck, this pair of boots will finally bring us in step. We wish you the happiest of birthdays, content in the knowledge that nobody had to be killed for your footwear.


Your friends at PETA

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As the cruelty-free fashion revolution gathers serious momentum, shoppers across Australia are ditching cruelly-produced leather in favour of ethical materials that weren’t derived from suffering.

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