Why The 2018 Commonwealth Games Need Silent Fireworks

Posted on by PETA Australia

As the countdown to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games continues, PETA has contacted the event organiser’s CEO, Mark Peters, with a suggestion for the opening and closing ceremonies: allow only silent fireworks, which create a stunning show without the overwhelming noise. 

This small but important change to the first major Commonwealth Games display would be a fabulous change for the local wildlife, companion animals, people with post-traumatic stress disorder, and others – making the opening and closing ceremony displays ones that everyone can enjoy and admire.

Silent fireworks rely on richer colour effects and visual choreography and offer a stress-free celebration for noise-sensitive animals. Shelters see an increase in the number of lost dogs following fireworks displays. Often, dogs go missing because they panic and jump over fences or break away from chains. Some even jump through windows in an attempt to get away from the terrifying sounds. Loud fireworks displays can also scare cats left outdoors and wildlife into roads, where they can be injured or killed by vehicles.

By offering silent fireworks – as cities throughout Europe are already doing – the Gold Coast can prevent dogs, cats, wildlife, and humans from being bombarded with explosions. Silent fireworks shows deliver all the flash without the frightening noise, while improving the quality of life for all local residents.

The stress of booming fireworks isn’t limited to animals: children, veterans, and elderly people can also be deeply disturbed by the noise.