Air France Will Stop Transporting Monkeys to Laboratories!

Posted on by PETA Australia

Massive victory for monkeys! After more than a decade of intense campaigning by PETA entities, Air France has announced it will stop all transport of monkeys to laboratories as soon as its current contracts end.

monkeysImage by Charles Davis from Pixabay

Monkeys Will Be Spared

Did you know that rhesus monkeys in laboratories would rather starve themselves than subject their friends to electrocution? These sensitive, intelligent animals are not cargo or laboratory equipment.

Air France’s announcement means that many primates will be spared being kidnapped from their families, shipped across the world, and imprisoned at cruel breeding farms or in terrifying laboratories.

This decision will prevent many sensitive, intelligent monkeys from being cut into, poisoned, crippled, deprived of food and water, infected with deadly diseases, and killed by experimenters.

a monkey in a cage

PETA Entities’ Air France Campaign

Over the years, PETA entities have organised high-impact protests around the globe, erected billboards, and one PETA France supporter even took the protest to the sky when he boarded an Air France plane and passionately called on all passengers to join him in urging the airline to show compassion for animals.

PETA US also put Air France in the hot seat at the company’s annual meeting by asking it to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories.

Celebrities including Peter Gabriel, James Cromwell, and Justin Bieber also spoke out for monkeys.

Other animal protection groups played a major role in this huge victory, including our friends at Stop Camarles, One Voice, and Action for Primates.

Ending the Animal Experimentation Industry

Air France is the latest large commercial airline to join the list of forward-thinking companies that have stopped cramming crates of terrified monkeys into their cargo holds to fly them to their deaths.

This brings us one step closer to shutting down the trafficking of monkeys for failed experiments in this age of state-of-the-art, modern methods like organs-on-chips.

Urge EGYPTAIR to Follow Suit

After huge campaign efforts, most major passenger airlines have stopped transporting monkeys to laboratories. However, some companies are still flying monkeys to their deaths.

EGYPTAIR has reportedly flown as many as 5,000 monkeys into the US since March 2022.

Help us achieve another victory for monkeys by telling EGYPTAIR to stop: