EGYPTAIR Ends Transport of Monkeys to Laboratories After PETA Campaign

Posted on by PETA Australia

EGYPTAIR has stopped transporting monkeys from Africa and Asia to laboratories in the US and elsewhere. The news follows an intense three-month campaign by PETA entities.

We are celebrating this huge victory and the impact it will have on laboratories currently relying on EGYPTAIR’s sinister services.

a monkey in a cage

Intense Campaign by PETA Entities

Since the start of the campaign three months ago, over 100,000 supporters of PETA entities have sent e-mails to EGYPTAIR officials.

PETA entities held dozens of protests around the world in Frankfurt, Manila, Paris, New York and the UK.

PETA US also organised hundreds of phone calls and online advertisements, sent T-shirts and coffee mugs – emblazoned with artwork calling on the airline to stop cruel monkey shipments – to EGYPTAIR’s executives, wrote to over 130 company employees, and was in contact with all the airline’s offices around the world.

EGYPTAIR’s Laboratory Involvement

Airline industry insiders first alerted PETA US to a shipment of 720 macaques flown by EGYPTAIR from Cambodia to New York on 30 April 2022. Records show that the airline has flown 5,000 monkeys into the US since March.

Each monkey has been ripped from their family, shoved into a cramped box, and shipped around the globe to suffer and die in a laboratory.

EGYPTAIR’s decision brings us one step closer to shutting down the trafficking of monkeys for failed experiments in this age of state-of-the-art, modern methods like organs-on-chips.

A Collapsing Industry

In January, Kenya Airways ended its transport of monkeys to laboratories just 24 hours after discussions with PETA US, and in June, Air France banned the practice after a decade-long campaign by PETA entities.

How You Can Help

This victory will make it harder for experimenters to exploit primates, but all animals in laboratories still need you to take action. Sign our petition to help end all experiments on animals:

PETA entities stand ready to campaign against any other airline that intends to profit at the expense of trafficked monkeys. Subscribe to our e-news and join our action team to be the first to hear of any new petitions, protests, or news:

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