‘The Amazing Race’ Couple Campaigns to End Speciesism

Posted on by PETA Australia

The Amazing Race contestants Chris Peever DiLoreto and Aleisha Rose Groth have teamed up with PETA on a new ad campaign to raise awareness of speciesism, which states, “We are all amazing animals.”

Chris and Aleisha pose for a PETA ad against speciesism

The couple famously refused to eat oysters for one of the popular TV show’s challenges because of their compassion for all animals.

What Is Speciesism?

“Speciesism is a dangerous belief that the lives and experiences of some animals, like cows, pigs, chickens and sheep, shouldn’t be taken into account because they’re not human,” explains Rose. “I hope our campaign with PETA will remind everybody that humans aren’t the only amazing race, and that it doesn’t hurt you to make kinder, more compassionate decisions when it comes to who you’re eating, wearing or buying.”

Every year, billions of animals are bred to suffer and die so that humans can use their flesh and skin. Humans cram cowsinto barren, faeces-filled feedlots; put pigs into gas chambers, where they writhe and scream in pain; dismember lambs for “chops” and chickens for “nuggets”; and pull fish out of their ocean homes to suffocate to death. Every single one of these animals fights to stay alive.

Cows have been observed playing with balls, pigs prefer sleeping nose to nose, lambs wag their tails just like dogs when they’re happy, chickens are protective parents, and fish feel pain and suffer just as we – and all other animals – do.

Pigs spooning.

Nonhuman animals aren’t objects that belong to us – they’re individuals with their own interests. Working to end speciesism means considering the impact that your everyday actions have on animals and eliminating harmful practices.

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