Aussie Celebs Ask Philippines Government to Free Mali

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Mali manila zooSome of Australia’s most well-known names have joined the call for the transfer of Mali, an aging, ailing and lonely elephant held captive at the Manila Zoo. These celebrities come from all walks of life, but they are united in their goal to see Mali sent to a sanctuary.

Fashion model and TV personality Lara Bingle, musicians John Butler and Missy Higgins, and winner of The Voice Harrison Craig are among the celebrities who have signed PETA’s petition demanding that the zoo immediately transfer Mali to a sanctuary where she can be in the vital company of other elephants and receive care for her painful foot problems, which if left untreated can be fatal.

Mali has been confined to a cramped enclosure since she was taken from her home in Sri Lanka in 1977. More and more zoos have recognized that the needs of these complex and intelligent animals cannot be met in captivity and are closing their elephant exhibits and transferring the animals to sanctuaries. Elephants are highly social animals who naturally live in herds and suffer greatly in the absence of other elephants.

Other celebrities around the world have endorsed Mali’s transfer include renowned wildlife conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, French film legend Brigitte Bardot and Nobel Prize–winning author JM Coetzee.

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Posted by Claire Fryer