PETA Virtual Event: Global Compassion Fund Fireside Chat

Come along on this inspiring journey with dogs, cats, horses, and other wonderful rescued animals!

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They Deserve Better: Speak Up for Pigs in Victoria Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals Media

They Deserve Better: Speak Up for Pigs in Victoria

The deadline for public submissions to Victoria’s pig welfare inquiry is 12 January.

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Arrested at COP28: Protestors Confront Flesh Peddlers

Two PETA UK protesters were taken away by the police at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai today.

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A Slice of Buttock for Albo – Ingrid Newkirk’s Unique Will Got a Rewrite

She’s putting her whole self into her final wishes: here are some shocking ways her body will be divided up after her death to continue her campaign for compassion.

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Why Did PETA Barbecue a ‘Baby’? Chrissie Hall

Why Did PETA Barbecue a ‘Baby’?

Does the prospect of grilling a newborn repulse you? If so, please leave baby animals in peace and off your plate.

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