Animals Used for Clothing

How Geese Are Slaughtered for ‘Responsible’ Down

A PETA Asia investigation shows that terrified geese are decapitated with an axe so their down can fill pillows, coats, and sleeping bags.

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Big News! Copenhagen Fashion Week Bans Fur

As the world is turning its back on fur, Copenhagen Fashion Week joins the fashion weeks of Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Oslo in going fur-free.

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What is Winter Lambing? Leaked Australia

What is Winter Lambing?

The Australian industry estimates that around a quarter of newborn lambs – that’s 10 to 15 million animals – die annually from exposure or starvation within their first 48 …

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PETA Asia Video Shows Nails Driven Into Heads of Live Snakes for Fashion Accessories

PETA Asia has released video footage showing how snakes are abused and killed in Indonesia so that their skins can be sold to fashion brands.

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Ask Hermès to Stop Fuelling Horrific Crocodile-Skin Industry Farm Transparency Project

Ask Hermès to Stop Fuelling Horrific Crocodile-Skin Industry

A horrific plan has been proposed in the Northern Territory to build Australia’s biggest crocodile farm, which would imprison up to 50,000 saltwater crocodiles at a time.

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