Animals Used for Clothing

Wool Industry Cruelty Sparks High-Profile Melbourne Protest Jack Higgs

Wool Industry Cruelty Sparks High-Profile Melbourne Protest

Braving a cold winter morning, three nearly naked activists – led by Stefania Ferrario and Tash Peterson – held a powerful demonstration in Melbourne’s bustling Bourke Street Mall. Cradling …

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Sheep Left Bloody After Savage Shearing in Victoria

New footage from a shearing shed in Birregurra, Victoria, shows just how gory the wool industry is.

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The Link Between Leather and Live Export

How much do we really know about the journeys of the sensitive individuals whose skin is stolen for fashion?

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Burberry Bans Exotic Skins!

The good news for pythons and crocodiles comes after a seven-year campaign by PETA entities.

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‘Wool Hurts’ Message Taken to the Streets at Fashion Week

Fashion lovers are being confronted by a street advertising campaign revealing the facts about wool.

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