Melbourne Cup Protesters Stage ‘Squid Game’ Scene Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

Melbourne Cup Protesters Stage ‘Squid Game’ Scene

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, protesters staged a scene from “Squid Game” outside the gates of Flemington.

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Take the Vegan Challenge! @olivewoodvegan

Take the Vegan Challenge!

Want to take the first step towards helping animals, protecting the environment, and boosting your health? Sign up for the Vegan Challenge!

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Connie Crayden Urges Fans to Adopt, Not Shop!

“Married at First Sight” fan favourite Connie Crayden is helping others find love – by starring in a new PETA adoption ad!

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When Is the Right Time to Make a Will? NOW – When It’s Free to You!

PETA is launching a free will-writing service. The online process is quick and easy, and it makes planning for your estate straightforward.

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Victory! ACCC Rejects ‘Humane’ Farming Label for Animal Products

No process that turns a living, feeling being into dismembered, bloodied cuts of flesh can ever be described as “humane”.

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