Victory for Rabbits! Farfetch to Ban Angora After Pressure From PETA

Posted on by PETA Australia

We’re victory-dancing for rabbits everywhere right now – have you heard why? Farfetch will soon ban the sale of angora from its influential platform after years of campaigning by PETA entities!

A photo of a rabbit.

As of April 2022, you’ll no longer see angora on the Farfetch website. The move comes as the company recognises that it needs to meet the “changing needs of our customers”.

And who are those customers who don’t want to buy the hair of a tortured, abused rabbit that has been woven into a jumper? That’s everyone with a heart.


We Always Gave a Pluck About Rabbits

From the streets to social media and the boardroom – PETA entities have been urging Farfetch to end its support of the cruel angora industry since the company announced it was dropping fur.

PETA entities held online actions, bombarded the company’s social media platforms with comments, joined and protested outside its annual meetings and moved more than 114,107 compassionate supporters to e-mail the company with a call to ban angora.

protesters hold a sign that reads" Farfetch : Angora is torture for rabbits."Braga Animal Save

What’s Wrong With Angora

PETA’s exposé of angora farms in China – the world’s leading producer of the material – revealed that workers yanked out terrified rabbits’ fur by the fistful and that some animals screamed in pain and fear. They endure this process repeatedly for two to three years before ultimately being killed.

An investigation by One Voice into French angora farms revealed the disturbing truth. The group’s footage shows that rabbits were tied to tables while their fur was ripped from their skin. Workers also twisted and pulled the animals into unnatural positions in order to pluck the hair from the most sensitive areas of their bodies.

Today’s announcement comes after mounting pressure to follow in the footsteps of the over 340 designers and retailers, such as Gucci, Burberry, and Selfridges Group, that have already banned the cruelly obtained material. It is welcomed by PETA and is good news for compassionate fashionistas and rabbits the world over.

It’s Not Over Yet

The demand for fur (including rabbit fur) has fallen over the years, so it’s time to put the last nail in the coffin of this barbaric industry in which animals are still being imprisoned, abused, skinned, and killed.

Alexandra Australia sells many fur items on its website – including jackets, vests, shawls, and keyrings – claiming that these items are “sourced following ethical guidelines”. But fur production can never be ethical. Join us in asking that the brand finally drop fur: