New Year’s Resolution to Write a Will? Check Out This Free Resource!

A New Year pledge that’s good for you and good for animals.

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Great News! Phuket Zoo Is Finally Closing Its Doors

Without tourists paying for cruelty, tigers, elephants, and bears are headed to sanctuaries.

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What Changed for Animals in 2021?

Despite constant lockdowns and COVID-19’s persistent presence in our lives, this year has been full of positive news for animals!

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Victory for Rabbits! Farfetch to Ban Angora After Pressure From PETA

Farfetch will soon ban the sale of angora from its influential platform after years of campaigning by PETA entities!

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Melbourne Cup Protesters Stage ‘Squid Game’ Scene Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses

Melbourne Cup Protesters Stage ‘Squid Game’ Scene

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, protesters staged a scene from “Squid Game” outside the gates of Flemington.

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