PETA Asia Uncovers Cruelty in the Frog-Legs Industry

The hidden horrors of the frog-legs trade, from decapitation to suffocation, have been exposed by PETA. Learn how you can make a difference.

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Petri Dish Organs – One Key to Freeing Animals From Labs Stefanie Zingsheim/University of Sydney

Petri Dish Organs – One Key to Freeing Animals From Labs

Researchers at the University of Sydney have grown replica human lungs.

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Aussie Musicians Call On Government to End ALL Live Export

It might read like the line-up of some killer music festival, but these Aussie performers have come together to make some noise for animals.

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Video: Ukraine Gives Thanks as Wounded Dog and Cat Refugees Are Treated in New Vet Clinic

Dogs and cats are being helped, thanks to the Global Compassion Fund. Catch this wonderful message from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and learn how you can support this work.

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‘Sheep’ Sets Sail in Canberra Lake to Protest Live Export

On the last week of Parliament for 2022, a PETA “sheep” took an important message to the nation’s capital.

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