Bali Tourists Beware: PETA Exposes Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

PETA has exposed Bali’s Satria Bird Market for illegally trafficking slow lorises, monkeys, and other animals and keeping them in small, barren cages.

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An Uncomfortable Truth for World Environment Day: Eating Meat Kills Koalas

Every beef burger, steak, or minced-meat meal compounds the biodiversity crisis.

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Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’ Peter Foster

Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’

The “Queen of Australia” appears in a new public service announcement for PETA, urging cat guardians to keep their animals indoors.

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Civet Cats Driven Mad: PETA Exposes Kopi Luwak Coffee

PETA Asia’s latest footage shows that despite an international outcry, civet cats are still being abused for kopi luwak.

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