Celebrity Make-Up Brand Rae Morris Bans Fur!

Posted on by PETA Australia

World-renowned Australian make-up artist Rae Morris has just banned badger-hair brushes – and made all her brushes 100% vegan!

wild badger

The good news comes after we shared PETA’s badger-hair industry exposé with Morris, showing badgers spinning in circles inside dirty cages before workers slit their throats.

By removing badger hair from her brand’s brushes, she’s helping PETA Australia and international PETA entities push the personal-care industry in a kinder direction!

What’s Wrong With Badger Hair?

On badger-hair farms, animals are deprived of the opportunity to dig, forage for food, choose mates, or do anything else that’s natural and important to them.

PETA Asia’s investigation into the Chinese badger-hair industry revealed that badgers exhibit behaviour patterns indicative of severe psychological distress, such as pacing in the cages in which they’re kept. Many badgers suffered from untreated injuries, and one was even missing a leg.

Abattoir workers beat the screaming animals over the head with anything they could find, including a chair leg, before slitting their throats. Other badgers are captured illegally using snares, even though they’re members of a protected species. 


We’re Changing the Industry – Join Us!

Rae Morris is a leader in the beauty industry with her commitment to 100% vegan brushes, preventing sensitive badgers – and other animals – from being butchered for their bristles.

More than 100 companies – including Priceline, L’Oréal Group, Morphe, Procter & Gamble, and NARS Cosmetics – have banned badger-hair items following the release of PETA’s exposé.

But we need your help to urge companies still profiting from the badger-brush industry to drop badger-hair brushes immediately. There’s no acceptable reason to use brushes that contain animal hair, whether for make-up, grooming, or art – especially when so many high-performing, vegan-bristle options are available.

We’re currently asking Australian retailer Shaver Shop to take action – will you join us?