Activists Urge: Go Vegan to Fight Climate Change!

Posted on by PETA Australia

A United Nations report concluded that a global shift towards a vegan lifestyle is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

Yet even though animal agriculture plays a devastating role in the destruction of our planet, environmental advocates regularly ignore this important issue.

Bodypainted PETA Australia activists braved the South Australian winter weather on Tuesday to protest outside the Climate Adaptation conference in Adelaide.

Adelaide Climate Demo PETA

Aiming to raise public awareness of the role our eating habits can play in combating climate change, the activists displayed signs proclaiming, “Be Green: Eat Vegan”, and “We Blue It: Time to Go Vegan”.

Passers-by and conference attendees were forced to consider the vital role that animal agriculture plays in the destruction of the planet – an issue which has become more visible of late with the release of the documentary Cowspiracy.

Of course, switching to a plant-based lifestyle not only has a positive impact on the environment but also spares animals a lifetime of suffering in the food industry.

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