Eggs and Bacon Bay: The Yolk’s on the Haters

Posted on by PETA Australia

People around the country are laughing at PETA’s request that Tasmania’s Huon Valley Council change the name of Eggs and Bacon Bay to Apple and Cherry Bay in order to encourage better and more responsible dietary choices.

Understandable, as we at PETA are laughing, too.

We’re laughing at some of the other names we came up with during our brainstorming session (“Tofu Scramble Bay”? “Clogged Arteries Bay”? “Keep the Doctor at Bay”?).

Eggs and Bacon Bay Meme

We’re laughing at the absurdly disproportionate outrage of some commentators who took the story a little too seriously (the yolk’s on them).

We’re also laughing, delightedly, at the fact that one little e-mail from us has got everyone talking about the real issues here: that animal fat, flesh, and secretions are bad for human health; that animal agriculture is disastrous for the environment; and that some 600 million animals are confined, tormented, and slaughtered each year in Australia for unnecessary and passé dietary choices.

Countless people have now been exposed to this important message, as news outlets both here and internationally have covered the story. The Mercury reported the following:

While this subject has its humorous side and PETA is playing it for all it is worth, there is a serious aspect to this debate. The way we treat the animals [who] provide the food many of us eat is increasingly coming under the spotlight.


Over time consumers have become distanced from the realities of farm life. The way animals are treated is largely hidden from consumers who grab sanitised pork chops, lamb cutlets, mince and sausages packed in plastic off the supermarket shelves.


Groups such as PETA are determined to expose the realities of the food supply chain.

Here’s a secret: we’re not staying up nights worrying that the world cannot keep turning if Eggs and Bacon Bay keeps that name. We are staying up nights thinking of ways to make people consider their lifestyle choices that affect animals.

And the huge recent leap in requests for our vegetarian/vegan starter kit indicates that humour is sometimes the way to a kind heart.

As we revealed back in April, Tasmania already tops Google’s list for vegan searches – and Australians search for the word “vegan” more often than citizens of any other nation on the planet. Shining a light on Eggs and Bacon Bay is sure to help this trend gain even more momentum.

Apple and Cherry Bay haters: don’t take things so seriously. Have a laugh on PETA, and keep your sunny side up knowing that going vegan can extend your life, reduce your carbon footprint, and save the lives of more than 100 animals every year.

And Mayor Coad, if you’re reading this, just be grateful we didn’t go with this option for the name change:

Eggs and Bacon Bay Meme