Why ‘Vegan’ Is THE Word of 2016

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The evidence is stacking up – the vegan movement has never been bigger. Look around you: even if you’re not vegan, chances are you know someone who is or you’ve seen vegan items on the menu at your favourite restaurants.

And vegan eating is set to go even more mainstream.

People’s growing concerns about cruelty to animalsclimate change and their own health have led Google searches for the word “vegan” to increase to an all-time high!

Globally, Australians are at the forefront of this trend. That’s right – Aussies have the biggest appetite in the world for vegan eating.

This comes as no surprise. Animal-loving Australians are realising that the best way to ensure that animals are no longer subjected to cruel treatment is to vote with their dollars and stop supporting the industries that are exploiting them.

And the top city for vegan searches? It may surprise you to learn that it is Launceston! Closely behind is Hobart, followed by Newcastle, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. It looks like Tasmanians are leading the pack of Australians embracing this cruelty-free trend.

Judging by the most popular related searches, food is at the forefront of people’s minds as they explore the concept of vegan living – “vegan recipes” leads the list of most-searched terms.

Aussie Celebs Ditch Meat, Eggs and Dairy Foods

More and more high-profile Aussies are also leading by example and choosing to leave animals off their plates, adding to the long list of celebrities who have previously partnered with PETA to speak out for animals.

ICYMI: @liamhemsworth has gone #VEGAN! The animals thank you #Liam ❤️🌱 #RealMenRKind2Animals #Boo #TryVegan #Reasons2GoVegan

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Excited by the announcement that my good friends @pana_chocolate are now the chocolate supplier to @etihadstadiumau. A world first… the first major stadium to exclusively offer raw, organic, handmade, vegan chocolate! 🍫 #SIDSeats #PANAchocolate #PlantBased #PlantPower 🍴🌱

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Vegan Food Is Everywhere

In recent months, we’ve seen numerous restaurants and cafés across the country start offering more delicious plant-based foods, and some have even launched 100 per cent vegan businesses. Even Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium has ditched Cadbury and switched to selling vegan chocolate!

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Vegan Options in AustraliaWe’re spoilt for choice! Choose Compassion in 2016.#NoExcuses #TryVegan

Posted by PETA Australia on Saturday, December 26, 2015


Big Brands Are Catching On

To meet this increased demand for cruelty-free food and other items, a number of new products have arrived on our shores and an increasing number of companies have included compassionate additions to their usual offerings.


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Don’t be left behind. Jump on this trend now and try vegan for yourself. If you’re worried about animals, climate change or your own health, going vegan is the best way to make a positive change. Let us help you!