GREAT NEWS! German Supermarkets Drop Kangaroo Meat

Posted on by PETA Australia

German retailers Kaufland, Real, Lidl, and V-Markt and pet-food manufacturer BEWITAL  have agreed to stop selling kangaroo-meat products. The news comes after a joint letter signed by several organisations, including PETA Germany, informed them about the cruelty inherent in kangaroo hunting in Australia.

A kangaroo and her joey.

Cruel Slaughter

In Australia, more than 1.5 million kangaroos are shot every year to make pet food, steaks, and leather products. Hunters shine blinding lights and fire rifles at dusk when kangaroos are grazing peacefully. Then, the injured animals are decapitated or hit sharply on the head before their flesh is butchered and their skin is torn off so it can be exported and made into accessories often labelled as “k-leather”.

Following graphic photos of charred kangaroos and reports that huge swathes of their habitat were decimated by recent bushfires in Australia, putting them under ever-increasing pressure, more and more people are demanding an end to the government-sanctioned slaughter. We’re delighted that these German supermarkets have made the right decision to end their involvement in this barbaric killing.

A photo of decapitated kangaroos.

Kangaroos Still Need Your Help

As you read this, state governments are approving permits to hunt kangaroos. Join us in urging the New South Wales and Victorian governments to stop issuing permits for the mass slaughter of these animals. If you are a local, you can also write to your MP here.

And please, never buy kangaroo meat or anything made with “k-leather”.

Take Action!

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash