Live Export of Sheep by Sea Will End in 2028

Posted on by Dan H

Thanks to decades of work from intrepid investigators and dedicated campaigners, the government has finally set a date to end the live export of sheep by sea.

Time and time again, investigations into Australia’s live-export industry have found animals enduring dehydration, starvation, and illness or being tossed about on rough seas, trampled by their shipmates, and suffocated by their own faeces.

While we’re relieved that the end is finally in sight, there’s no possible excuse for the government to allow more sheep to suffer in these ghastly conditions for another four years.

It’s no coincidence that Australia is the world’s largest exporter of wool and live sheep, as the wool and live-export trades are intertwined. Compassionate shoppers can help sheep right now by ditching wool in favour of vegan fibres. Learn more about how the wool industry harms sheep at

PETA protesters and a "sheep" hold signs saying "ban live exports".

Of course, sheep are not the only victims of this cruel trade. An October 2023 PETA exposé showed that animals imported from Australia are still being butchered alive by workers in Indonesia, even though the Australian government insisted that the gruesome practice had been stopped. Despite a government assurance scheme, cruelty is systemic in the industry because there are no meaningful consequences for non-compliance.

Take action to tell the prime minister that ending live export of sheep – and all animals – is long overdue.

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