What This Man Did to a Greyhound for Losing a Race Will Haunt You

Posted on by PETA Australia

This man’s cruelty revealed just how heartless the dog-racing industry is, as video footage shows the assailant viciously slamming a helpless dog to death.

残忍!他赌狗输钱,竟将狗活活摔死 | Odd world | © PearVideo

In a video uploaded to the Chinese site Pear Video, a man is seen throwing a greyhound against the concrete over and over again—each “thump” more haunting than the last. Eventually, the dog lies lifeless in a pool of blood.

According to reports, the incident happened in Xiong County of Hebei Province, China. Apparently, the man became infuriated with the dog after buying him or her for a high price and then losing a large sum of money he bet on the dog in a race.

While standing over the blood-spattered, decimated dog, he exclaimed, “Listen up, dog owners. If your dog is not … a good fit, eat it.”

The video has gone viral in China, and although viewers have expressed their moral outrage, the country has few laws to protect animals like dogs and cats from abuse.

Australian Greyhounds Betrayed

The NSW government backed away from its promise to put a stop to greyhound racing.

Not only have people been illegally selling unwanted NSW dogs to overseas “death trades”, but over 88 dogs have died at race meets across the state in the past year, while hundreds more have suffered catastrophic injuries, according to Greyhound Racing NSW Stewards Reports.


Around one in 10 race meets result in the death of a dog. The industry also continues to breed thousands of greyhounds, around 40 percent of whom will be killed before they’re even named.

It is estimated that another 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year in Australia – simply because they aren’t deemed fast enough to win races. Eight thousand of those killed are puppies.

Greyhounds in New South Wales should all have been retired to loving homes by now, instead of being kept in cramped cages and kennels and forced to run for their lives. We must ban this cruel and unjustifiable industry.

If you are ready to make the commitment to a new best friend, why not give a home to a greyhound who has been discarded by the industry?

It’s now more important than ever that we stand together and send a strong message that the Australian people will not tolerate any kind of animal abuse.