After 30+ Years of Pressure, Oscar de la Renta Ditches Fur

Posted on by PETA Australia

Victory! Following decades of runway disruptions, protests, some carefully lobbed tofu cream pies, and pressure from activists worldwide, fashion brand Oscar de la Renta has finally banned fur.

While nothing can bring back the many animals who were electrocuted, gassed, or otherwise killed for this fashion house’s profit, it’s never too late to do the right thing. PETA is celebrating Oscar de la Renta for following the lead of other designers—and practically every department store—in cementing the demise of the cruel and grisly fur industry.

a baby and adult fox© Jeremy Hynes / Unsplash

Thirty years ago, PETA US launched its first-ever naked protest, during an Oscar de la Renta runway show. The eye-popping stunt ended up on the cover of The New York Times’ style section.

PETA take over an Oscar de la Renta runway

Bold activists would continue to crash various Oscar de la Renta fashion shows in the years to come.

PETA take over an Oscar de la Renta runway

The Fur Industry Is a Dying Business

Dwindling consumer demand for fur and an ever-increasing number of bans on its production and sale aside, there are other reasons why fur is a bad investment.

For decades, PETA and our international affiliates have exposed horrific cruelty on fur farms. Investigators have documented that animals are electrocuted, bludgeoned, gassed, and even skinned alive.

What’s more, cramming sick and stressed animals together in unsanitary conditions creates the perfect breeding grounds for dangerous zoonotic diseases, which can jump to humans. COVID-19, for example, has spread like wildfire on fur factory farms all over the world.

What’s Next? 

With the end of the fur industry drawing closer, it’s time to consider other animals who are tortured for their skins. Will you help us take the next step?