PETA ‘Lettuce Ladies’ and ‘Sheep’ Brave Chills and Rain to Save Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The previous day may have been the coldest in Melbourne for a while, but PETA “Lettuce Ladies” Georgie and Isabella braved the brisk Melbourne air to spread the word about veganism.

Lettuce Ladies in Melbourne

The lovely, leafy ladies asked passers-by in Federation Square to give veganism a try. Receiving more than a little interest (including one local worker who was spotted head-butting a window in his haste to get a better look), the girls were happy to explain to everyone why going vegan is better for your health, the environment and, of course, animals.

Every vegan saves more than 100 animals a year – not including fish – and as you can see from the picture, vegans look pretty great, too!

Meanwhile in Queensland, dedicated activists in Brisbane turned out in flocks to ask for a ban on mulesing and live export– despite the continuous rainfall!

Brisbane mulesing protest

Activists dressed as “sheep” held signs and banners asking the government to ban bloody mulesing and live export.

Australia is the only country in the world to still routinely mutilate sheep used for their wool by performing the barbaric procedure of mulesing– which involves cutting chunks of skin and flesh from the rear ends of sheep in an attempt to prevent flystrike. Once their wool production declines, many of these sheep face a horrific journey on stinking, cramped live-export ships to face slaughter in countries with little to no animal protection laws.

PETA activists stood silent and firm in King George Square to remind the government that they are responsible for protecting animals from this unnecessary cruelty.

Posted by Ashley Fruno