PETA Roadside Memorial Reminds People to Consider Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Following the deaths of a number of sheep in a traffic incident in South Australia on 17 July, PETA has placed a roadside memorial at the crash site.

peta australia memorial

PETA hopes the memorial will remind livestock haulers that they are carrying living, feeling beings and also give consumers food for thought about the horrific industry that they’re supporting every time that they bite into a piece of animal flesh. The memorial reads, “Reckless driving costs lives. In memory of the sheep who suffered and died 17 July 2013”.

Deadly crashes involving livestock haulers are not uncommon. In fact, just four days after the crash in South Australia, there was a head-on crash between two road trains in Western Australia, which resulted in the deaths of at least 20 cattle and serious injuries to one of the drivers.

Sheep and other animals raised and killed for food suffer both before and after they’re hauled off to slaughter. The best way to stop animals from suffering and dying so that they can end up on our plates is to go vegan, so order your free copy of PETA’s new vegetarian/vegan starter kit today to help get you started.

Posted by Claire Fryer