Jumps Racing to Come to an End in South Australia!

Posted on by PETA Australia

UPDATE: It’s official: jumps racing will be banned in South Australia, with the state government supporting a bill to outlaw it completely.

This leaves Victoria as the only state or territory to still allow this barbaric event, in which horses are forced to clear metre-high obstacles whilst travelling at breakneck speed. Horses are injured and die at something like twenty times the rate of flat racing, which itself is a dangerous and cruel industry. No animal should be made to suffer for the sake of profit and entertainment. 

If you live in Victoria, please write to your local member or the Minister for Racing and ask them to put a stop to jumps racing immediately, or sign PETA’s petition.

8 October 2021:

Racing South Australia has announced that jumps racing will be abandoned in the state from 2022, as the “sport” has become “unsustainable” amid declining participation levels.

While it may not be the outright ban PETA and the many activists who wrote to the South Australian government over the years asked for, the announcement shows an important shift: jumps racing has lost its social licence and the industry knows it.

Jumps racing forces horses to gallop at high speed while clearing hurdles up to one metre high and carrying people on their backs. These obstacles make jumps racing positively deadly for horses, with the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses calculating that jumps racing is statistically 20 times more dangerous than flat racing.

The so called “sport” is so cruel that it has already been banned in New South Wales. Now that South Australia has announced and end to the industry there, Victoria is the only state continuing to subject horses to this horror. Now is the time to urge the Victorian government to stop!

Please, take a few minutes to click the link below and sign our action alert calling on Victoria’s Minister for Racing to put a stop to jumps racing immediately.

And as we come into the spring racing season, remember that all horse racing is cruel and animals are not ours to use for entertainment. Please do not attend or bet on a horse race. You bet, they die.