Jumps Racing – A Killer Industry

Horses Suffer and Die In Jumps Racing© horseracingkills.com

© horseracingkills.com

From 2011 to 2012, jumps racing killed 17 horses. Former Jumps Racing Association President Rodney Rae has admitted to the dangers associated with jumps racing, stating, “For as long as jumps racing has been around, there have been fatalities”.

Jumps racing is so cruel that it has already been banned in New South Wales. In jumps racing, horses are forced to clear metre-high obstacles whilst travelling at breakneck speed. The risk to horses is high in jumps racing, and the fatalities continue despite assurances from governing bodies that the industry would address the issue.

Despite the disturbing frequency of falls and fatalities, South Australia and Victoria continue to allow jumps racing. Help ensure that these events are finally ended for good by never attending jumps races and by encouraging everyone you know to do the same.

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