Playboy Model Swaps Lingerie for Lettuce

Posted on by PETA Australia

Thanks to Playboy and cover model Sheridyn Fisher for giving us a real treat this Easter. This compassionate sweetie decided to show her love for rabbits―and “rabbit food”―by wearing only strategically placed lettuce leaves in this hot new ad for PETA:

Sheridyn Fisher PETA adNeil Dixon

Credit: Neil Dixon

“Easter is the perfect time to help bunnies ― and pigs, chickens, cows and other animals ― simply by choosing not to eat them,” said Fisher. “Vegan meals are healthy, humane and helpful to the environment, so they’re something everybunny can enjoy.”

Not only are vegans fitter and trimmer, on average, than meat-eaters are, they also have a lower risk of heart attacks, cancer, strokes and obesity. Vegans also spare cows, pigs and other animals from immense suffering on factory farms, in slaughterhouses and on the decks of fishing boats.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t leave it until next Easter to join Sheridyn’s compassionate crusade: take the Pledge to Be Veg today.

Posted by Ashley Fruno