‘Maxim’ Girls Take the Lead in ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity’ Competition

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA Asia-Pacific’s hugely popular Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity competition is here again! And this year, swimsuit models Renee Somerfield, Ellie Gonsalves and Sheridyn Fisher – who once shared the cover of Maxim – are solidly in the running among Australian contestants in the contest on PETAAsiaPacific.com.

Other popular contenders from Australia include actors Abbie and Isabelle Cornish, Radha Mitchell, Sophie Monk and Isabel Lucas; musicians John Butler, Xavier Rudd and Missy Higgins and cricketer Peter Siddle.

These compassionate celebrities have proved that they’re beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, and many have done so by taking part in educational ad campaigns for PETA. Take Somerfield’s recent campaign as just one stunning example:

Renee Somerfield ad

“Becoming vegan has been one of the most positive changes I have ever made in my life. Not only for my passion for animal[s] but for my outlook, mind, body and soul”, Fisher says. “All the necessary nutrients, proteins, and amino acids for the body’s sustenance can be found in vegetables, grains, nuts and rice milk.”

Why are more and more trendsetters choosing to go vegetarian or vegan? Healthy plant-based meals can help reduce the risk of suffering from cancer, heart disease and strokes. Plus, meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than vegans are, making a meat-free diet the easiest way to stay slim and sexy.

To cast your vote to help PETA Asia decide who it will pick as the winners of this year’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity competition, please visit PETAAsiaPacific.com. PETA Asia will ultimately select the winners based on consideration of several factors, including vote count.

Going vegetarian or vegan is the best thing that you can do for animals, the Earth and yourself. Plus, everyone knows that there’s nothing sexier than someone who exudes both passion and compassion. So why not order your free copy of PETA’s vegan starter kit today?

Posted by Claire Fryer