Strongman to ‘Wolverine’: Go Vegan

Posted on by PETA Australia

As Hugh Jackman prepares to reprise his trademark role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3, German strongman Patrik Baboumian penned a letter to the Australian movie star urging him to switch to a muscle-building vegan diet.

In the letter, Baboumian writes:

“As someone who has also been tasked with gaining outrageous amounts of muscle… in a short time, I understand better than most just how challenging a total-body transformation can be to achieve.”

“My secret,” Baboumian continues, “is no real secret: I avoid all animal products in order to build the maximum possible muscle and strength by eating vegan. Not only is this lifestyle super-healthy, providing me with ample protein, macro- and micronutrients, and fibre; it’s also a way to live in line with my values.”

Baboumian adds that he feels Jackman shares the values of respecting animals and the planet, and he invites “Wolverine” to discuss a diet plan with him.

It takes strength to protect the vulnerable. Every year, more than 100 billion land animals used for their flesh and milk are routinely, and systemically abused in the industries that exploit them. Animals on factory farms – which supply 90% of the world’s meat – live in dirty and cramped conditions, and countless undercover investigations have revealed workers beating and stomping on animals, sexually assaulting mother animals, and milking animals whose abscesses were streaming with pus due to infections caused by filthy living conditions.

“A plant-based diet”, the letter concludes, “is the key to even better gains, more ethically won. I would love to help you boost your achievements through a plant-based lifestyle and am making myself available to answer any questions you may have about how you can build incredible strength while practicing incredible empathy for hundreds of billions of sentient individuals and protecting the planet like a real superhero.”

Patrik Baboumian's ad for PETA

True Strength Has No Victims

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