Plant-Powered Star of ‘The Summit’ Mounts Vegan Campaign

Posted on by PETA Australia

Star of reality show The Summit Jansen Andre is singing the praises of eating vegan in a new ad for PETA. Showing off his ripped physique, the trekker reveals washboard abs alongside the tagline “For Peak Physical Condition, Go Vegan!”

Star of reality show The Summit Jansen Andre is singing the praises of eating vegan in a new ad for PETA.

Jansen was a frontrunner on Channel 9’s The Summit, often overcoming the show’s most demanding tasks to take the lead. “The Summit was very physically challenging, but my vegan diet gave me an edge,” says the personal chef and top-four finalist. “Since I cut out animal-derived foods, I’ve had more energy and become stronger than ever. It’s better for animals and the planet. I’m proud to be plant-powered and encourage anyone thinking about going vegan to give it a try”.

As a vegan chef, Jansen encourages others to choose compassionate meals by sharing his delicious recipes on Instagram at @PlantStrongJans.

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To feed Australia’s appetite for flesh, between 500 million and 700 million land animals are slaughtered each year – a figure which doesn’t include sea animals, who are killed in such high numbers that the figure is recorded in tonnes. Millions of other animals are used for their eggs, milk, skin, or wool before they’re slaughtered for meat.

Animal agriculture is not only cruel but also environmentally destructive: beyond generating billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, it also involves massive land and water use and leads to global acidification and eutrophication. University of Oxford researchers found that eating vegan is probably the single most effective way to reduce your impact on the planet.

Vegans also have a lower risk of serious health conditions, like heart disease and some forms of cancer, including bowel cancer, the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia.

Thankfully, each and every Australian can help animals, protect the environment, and improve their health – all we have to do is leave animal-derived foods off our plates!

Are you ready to take the first step?