Cricketer Adam Zampa Goes to Bat for Animals in New Vegan Bus Campaign

Posted on by PETA Australia

He’s best known for his bowling, but Adam Zampa has gone to bat for animals in a new PETA campaign.

His face will appear on buses across Adelaide with the message “Love them. Don’t eat them” to remind everyone that we are all animals who share this planet and who want to avoid pain and experience happiness.

In a video interview with PETA, Zampa reveals that his motivation to go vegan was simple:

“I just don’t like exploiting animals. I think about the impact that it’s going to have on people, on animals, on the environment. Your actions always impact someone.”

In Australia, more than half a billion land animals are slaughtered each year for the meat, dairy, and egg industries, while many more are subjected to horrid conditions on live-export ships while being sent overseas. It’s like killing the entire population of Australia almost 21 times – every year.

Before their throats are slit – often while they’re still conscious – these animals are exploited in ways that most of us could never even imagine. Cows used by the dairy industryare forcibly impregnated through the use of what the industry itself calls “rape racks,” and their babies are then torn away from them and shot or bludgeoned with hammers. Workers cut off the sensitive beaks of chickens used for eggs, and the birds are confined to cages so small that they can’t spread their wings. Sows are confined to narrow, filthy crates, and piglets’ teeth are clipped with pliers and their tails are cut off.

Zampa – who has followed a plant-based diet for two and a half years – says he thinks the vegan lifestyle has benefited his sporting career and helped him stay injury-free.

“It has helped with little things like recovery. I’m feeling quite fit at the moment.”

He isn’t the only cricketer who has made the compassionate choice to eat cruelty-free – Adelaide Strikers superstar Peter Siddle, international series bowler Kane Richardson, and sporting legend Jason Gillespie are all vegan.

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