HUGE NEWS: The Queen Has Gone Fur-Free!

Posted on by PETA Australia

PETA was thrilled to learn today that the Queen has made the compassionate decision to go fur-free.

Her Majesty The Queen

The news was announced by Her Majesty’s personal adviser and senior dresser, Angela Kelly, in an interview with Vogue magazine:

If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm.

The Queen’s decision is in line with the many forward-thinking consumers, businesses, and nations that are recognising that innovative faux-fur fabrics are better for the environment and spare animals a miserable life and a bloody, painful death.

Now, the obvious next step is for the Queen’s Guard to stop parading around in caps made from the fur of bears gunned down in Canada and instead wear the humane, luxurious faux bearskin that PETA UK has helped develop alongside faux-furrier Ecopel and designer Stella McCartney.

Fox on fur farm© Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals

What’s Wrong With Fur?        

Every year, over 100 million animals are killed for their fur. On fur farms, animals are confined to cramped wire cages, denied the opportunity to do anything that’s natural and important to them, and killed by electrocution, neck-breaking, or drowning.

In addition to being torture for animals, fur farming wreaks havoc on the planet by contributing to climate change, land devastation, pollution, and water contamination.

Animals are also caught in steel-jaw traps in the wild and left to languish – sometimes for days – before succumbing to dehydration, starvation, disease, or attacks by predators or being bludgeoned to death by returning trappers.

Sign the Petition for a UK Fur Ban

The Queen’s decision reflects the changing times and British values, especially as 95% of Brits refuse to wear real fur. Now, it’s time for the UK government to step up and ban the importation of fur in order to create a fur-free Britain: