Great News! Victorian Council Rejects Sheep Milk Farm Proposal

Posted on by PETA Australia

Fantastic news for sheep! Surf Coast Shire Council in Victoria has heeded the concerns of thousands of people locally and nationwide – including more than 10,000 PETA supporters – and blocked plans for a sheep dairy factory farm in Inverleigh.


The plans would have seen up to 14,000 lambs and sheep, including 6,000 lactating ewes, abused at an industrial milk operation. Just as the dairy industry does to cows, sheep used for their milk are kept nearly constantly pregnant and their babies are separated from their mothers, denied the milk that’s naturally theirs, and slaughtered.

Dairy farming is not only cruel but also extremely water intensive, and it produces a huge amount of greenhouse gas. Sheep are a ruminant species and so produce a lot of methane during digestion. Given that the Surf Coast Shire Council has declared a climate emergency, it would make no sense to approve any new agricultural developments using animals.

Sheep Dairy

We’re grateful to the council for making the right decision for animals, the environment, and the members of the local Inverleigh community, who deserve a green economy.

Would you like to take a stand against factory farming in Australia? Right now, a huge chicken farm is being proposed in Manilla, near Tamworth in New South Wales. We’re opposing it, and you can, too:

Chickens at a poultry farm in Australia.

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