Great News! Victorian Feedlot Proposal Withdrawn Following Objections!

Posted on by Dan H

Plans to build an intensive cattle feedlot at Beremboke, Victoria, have been withdrawn after the council received a “large number” of objections, including a petition from PETA with almost 8,000 signatures.

The proposed development would have imprisoned up to 3,100 cattle at any given time, all of them spending the final months of their lives in small faeces-filled yards before slaughter.

Cattle at a feedlot.

Cows (and steers and bulls) are curious, playful animals who love to frolic in grass, not “products” to be fattened in muddy pens for profit.

As we pointed out in our submission to the Moorabool Shire Council, such filthy, crowded conditions are terrible for animals. They also create massive pollution problems for nearby communities and can promote the spread of disease. Cows in feedlots are often diagnosed with footrot, botulism, respiratory disease, and liver abscesses.

Building a feedlot in 2020 makes no sense. The world over, people are making the transition to plant-based eating for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. It’s time to stop planning factory farms and feedlots and to start paving the way for a greener, kinder future.

If you hear of any plans for similar developments in your area, please let us know. We regularly support local people by objecting to plans for new factory farms in their communities. For every rejected megafarm, countless animals are spared a life of misery and a cruel death.