Townsville Woman Nurses Spider to Regrow Her Legs!

Posted on by PETA Australia

Did you know that spiders can regrow their legs?

When Townsville resident Elina Walsh found an injured huntsman spider who was emaciated, dehydrated, and missing six of her legs, she decided to do something extraordinary. After learning that spiders can regrow legs, Walsh spent time carefully looking after the large arachnid, whom she named Peggy.

We’re pleased to say that Peggy now has a full set of legs!

On the left is Peggy when Elina found her, on the right is Peggy after regrowing her legs.

For her compassion, Elina has been recognised with PETA’s “Hero to Animals” Award.

We take our hats off to this kind woman, who displayed great care and respect for Peggy and went above and beyond to save her life.

Spiders are sentient beings with a will to live, and they all deserve the same kindness and respect that Elina demonstrated towards Peggy.

So the next time you have an uninvited guest, such as a spider or insect, in your house, remember Peggy and ask yourself “WWED” – what would Elina do?

Elina Walsh with her Hero to Animals Award.

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