Stella McCartney Sheds Light on Leather’s Dark Truth

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

In an insightful new video, internationally renowned designer Stella McCartney explains why consumers need to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to buying items made from leather.

Whilst the cruelty of the fur industry is now widely known, most people don’t consider what the leather on their feet or back cost the animal it was stripped from. As McCartney explains, “Leather isn’t a by-product – it’s the most important co-product of the meat industry”.

PETA had hoped to share this video and its important message with fashion conscious Australians by running an ad on Vogue Australia’s website. Unfortunately, Vogue refused to run the video, saying that its content “conflicts heavily with the content of”. You can watch the video here instead:

Most of the world’s leather comes from India – where cows can be marched hundreds of miles to slaughter. Workers force the exhausted animals to continue by breaking their tails, or rubbing chilli peppers in their eyes.

There is no reason for millions of cows to suffer every year in the name of fashion, when trendy, cruelty-free materials are readily available. Animals are not ours to wear – so please ditch leather today.

Posted by Jason Baker