Support PETA: Shaving Your Head Is Optional!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Check out Kanchan Singh, the New Zealander who raised more than NZD$2,000 to help PETA Australia raise awareness of the fur industry. Wanting to grab people’s attention, Kanchan decided that shaving her head was a great way to get people talking!

shaved head peta fundraiser

shaved head peta fundraiser

Animals skinned for their pelts are often suffocated, electrocuted, gassed, poisoned, strangled or killed in other cruel ways. There’s just no reason to be cruel when you have the option to be kind.

To raise even more awareness – and money – Kanchan organised collections in two local shopping malls and held a bake sale.

Her efforts paid off – she raised NZD$2,153 for PETA!

If you, too, want to help animals, contact PETA for help with organising your own fundraising activities – or simply make a membership donation to PETA.

If you want to shave your head – or have another crazy idea – we’d love to hear from you, too!

Posted by Claire Fryer