The Logies Ignores Animal Agriculture’s Leading Role in Climate Catastrophe

Posted on by Dan H

Animal agriculture is playing a leading role in causing and exacerbating climate change, and major cultural events present opportunities to spark conversations and remind people about the countless positive benefits of going vegan and the dire consequences of serving animal flesh. But the Logies is still choosing to stay mired in the past.

In Hollywood, awards show attendees already know that being vegan saves animals’ lives, helps the climate, and is better for human health. In 2020, the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards cited the climate catastrophe as the motivation for offering a fully vegan menu. And this year’s Oscars party menu featured 22 exciting vegan options.

In Australia, compassionate celebs may need to pack their own dinner on awards night. In a social media post, The Bachelor and The Masked Singer host Osher Günsberg slammed the vegan options traditionally offered at the Logie Awards. He told PerthNow that he always eats before he goes to the event.

“I’m going to be there until midnight, so I am a thousand per cent sneaking snacks in my wife’s clutch.”

PETA sent the Gold Logie nominee a vegan hamper brimming with gourmet goodies to help him get through the awards show this Sunday and to remind Logies organisers that with a little talent and creativity, vegan food can be delicious and innovative. The hamper features artisanal plant-based cheeses, quinoa crackers, chocolate mousse, and a selection of organic tonics for Günsberg to enjoy during the ceremony.

Almost 5 billion land and sea animals are killed annually to feed Australia’s appetite for meat. Pigs used for their flesh are gassed and spend their final moments desperately kicking and gasping for air. Chickens filmed at Baiada, which supplies the Lilydale Free Range brand, were punched and slammed into metal bars before their throats were slit, sometimes while they were still conscious. Cows, who form strong friendships with others and play just as dogs do, are either exploited for the milk made for their babies or killed for their flesh at around 18 months old.

Animal agriculture is not only cruel but also environmentally destructive. The greenhouse gas methane, released in large amounts by cows and sheep, has immense warming capacity. Likewise, land clearing to make way for grazing pastures is the leading cause of habitat loss and one of the main threats to native animals such as the now-endangered koala. University of Oxford researchers found that going vegan is probably the single most effective way to reduce your negative impact on the planet.