Things We Love!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

churrosThere’s a lot to love about living a compassionate lifestyle in Australia these days. The following are just a few things that we think are pretty darn cool:

  • The Cruelty Free Shop has expanded and is now open in Melbourne as well as in Sydney (its original location), making animal-friendly shopping easier than ever. And if you’re in Adelaide, you can check out Vegan Online for all that your vegan heart could desire.You’ve got to love that!
  • Burger and hot-dog chains, such as Grill’d, Lord of the Fries in Melbourne and Sydney, Burgerlicious in Sydney and 5 Dogs in Brisbane, have vegan options on the menu. Vegan cheese and mayo are available for many of them. And what could be better than the Eezy Chic ‘n’ Cheesy Pie and caramel slice at Sydney’s Funky Pies? (Maybe two of each?) They’re available nationwide through the eatery’s stockists.
  • Fancy a slice of pizza? Hell in Queensland, Basil Pizza and Pasta in New South Wales, Eatpizza in Melbourne and Godzilla Pizza in Adelaide are just a few of the places that offer vegan options as part of their standard menus.
  • Funky places such as The Cupcake Parlour in Queensland, where you can indulge in delectable vegan cupcakes, and Chocolateria San Churro (found around Australia), where you can get vegan churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce, are for those days when you feel like being a little bit naughty. Also check out the to-die-for Addiction Food brownies at the dessert counter at Vegan Choice in Sydney and the red velvet cupcakes at Merry Cupcakes in Melbourne.
  • The Vegan Card gives you heaps of discounts for a small fee at stores and restaurants around the country. Feel that vegan love!
  • Lush Australia offers products with heaps of vegan options, and they’re never tested on animals. Plus, just going in the store for a sniff is fun. But let’s not forget local brands De Lorenzo (for fabulous hair products) and Sukin, which are totally vegan, too.
  • Our staff members never miss out on Green Palace Thai Vegetarian, Nourishing Quarter in Sydney, the veggie combo at Addis Ababa Cafe (Ethiopian) in Adelaide or Trippy Taco and Smith & Daughters (Spanish tapas) in Melbourne. And for delicious vegan Asian food PLUS the opportunity to blast out your favourite karaoke hits, be sure to stop by Utopia if you’re in Perth.
  • You can score piles of funky, to-die-for leather-free shoes at high-street stores such as Kmart and Payless. Try Melbourne’s Vegan Wares (also available online) for something a bit more upscale.
  • Companies such as Biopet and Veganpet are locally owned and offer healthy vegan food and treats for your animal companions.
  • In the supermarket, don’t miss Fry’s schnitzels or Nanna’s Mini Light Apple Pies, and check out this great list of vegan food available at your local supermarket.
  • Unreal Fur makes luxurious faux-fur coats, capes and more for all those fashionistas who love killer looks but don’t want animals to be killed in order to get them.
  • Websites such as make it easier for us to find a place to live that’s suitable for our furry friends.

What do you love? If we’ve missed something, please let us know. There are so many more reasons to love living cruelty-free in Australia. If you aren’t already vegan, why not try it today to see what you’re missing!

Posted by Claire Fryer